Angry friends seek justice for Benjamin- Ofankor murder.

Some individuals believed to be friends of the late Benjamin Okyere have stormed the Mile 7 police station in pursuit of justice.

Angry friends seek justice for Benjamin- Ofankor murder.

The outpour of comments from these individuals when they gathered in front of the police station to protest, proves the outrage and anger over their friend’s death.

One of the protestors who led the course said they are ready to test the system.

“For once we want to believe that the system works because I am grieved and having a heavy heart”. He told Adom News

He said the fact that the landlord has confessed to killing his friend out of self-defense upsets him most.

“I was peeved. I think he didn’t understand what self-defense means. When you walk from your home premeditated with a fully-loaded gun with a bulletproof vest? He fumed.

“You only have to be threatened first to say self-defense. My friend wasn’t even aware that he was coming. I was expecting the media to ask more questions.

“We want justice to prevail. We know there is freedom and no justice in Ghana. We were at the court and the case has been adjourned to two weeks’ time. We want him to be jailed, he concluded.


The late tenant was allegedly shot four times by his landlord, Mr. Victor Kamkam after he served the former a notice to move out from his two-bedroom house.

Mr. Kamkam after his arrest told the police he shot his tenant out of ‘self-defense’.




source: ghanaweb